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Country 149.90 ₺ 149.90 ₺ 149.90 ₺
Didn't you still determine your name on the internet ?

The domain name is the name and address of a website on the Internet. Without this address, an Internet user can only access the website with an IP address. For example, the domain name of the site you are currently visiting is Domain names are called IP addresses, and they are expressed in words to make computers (servers / servers) identify each other more simplified and memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domain can be considered as the identity and name of your website in the internet environment. Since users will reach your site with this name, it is very important to set a domain name. To publish a website, you must first register a domain name.

There is no refund for domain purchases, except for the registered domains. Documents are required for some .tr domain names. Registration of these domains is made after the approval of the documents to be sent after payment.

Domain transfer is the domain transfer process between companies.When domains are transferred, they are automatically renewed for 1 year and this period is added to the existing duration of your domain name. You do not need to pay any additional fees for the transfer.

Some of our hosting packages have free domain options. It will be enough to be a member of our site in order to follow our periodically changing campaigns and free domain options.

You can make your payments with 3, 6, 9 and 12 months installment option to your credit card in BurtiNET online payment.

Internet Assigned Numbers and Names Establishment ICANN, English Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a nonprofit private sector organization created with the broad participation of the business community, technical, academic and user groups of the Internet. ICANN's mission is not to run the Internet, but rather to coordinate technical, administrative and policy development missions that require central coordination. It is tasked with coordinating the technical management of the internet domain names system, the allocation of IP address fields, the determination of the protocol parameters and the administration of the internet main service provider (root server).

When a domain address is entered in your browser, information is sent to the global server network that first creates DNS. These servers look at the name servers associated with the domain. When the server information of the domain address comes to the browser, the browser accesses the server to which it is connected via the domain address.

For a domain address to be premium, its shortness depends on factors such as keyword usage, branding and domain extension.

The most common domain types in general are: TLD (Top Level Domain), ccTLD (Internet Country Area Code), gTLD (General Top Level Domain), Second Level Domains (Second Level Domain)

For example, .istanbul and .ist extension are used for Istanbul city.

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domain extensions are used worldwide, respectively.

Turkey's domain extension is referred to as .uk registration, com - net.t - final bits are as org.t .tr.

.edu .org is used by institutions, .edu domain name is used by schools, universities and academic institutions.

.istanbul and .ist extensions are mostly used for Istanbul-themed web projects.

The domain name is also defined as your access address on the Internet, while Hosting is the area where your site is hosted. After getting the domain name, you need to match the hosting with NS, IP Address.