Terms of Service

1. The Parties

1.1: This contract is between BurtiNET Internet and Information Services (referred to as BurtiNET), which provides the services specified in the products and services section (referred to as Services), and the buritnet belonging to BurtiNET between the person / institution (referred to as Customer) specified in the new customer registration section. The use of the website (referred to as the Site) operating on the .com website and the services to be purchased through this site will be deemed to be signed under the following terms and conditions.

1.2: The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this contract.

2. Subject

2.1: This contract will regulate the parts that are allowed to do and not to do in accordance with the information given by the customer in the transactions on the site, in the order, in the messages he sent, in the order of his orders, and the fees that he will pay to BurtiNET in return for the services he will receive in accordance with his preferences. These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.

2.2: Membership information is the information entered by the customer during membership. Since this information will be based on the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely and accurately without any errors.

3. Responsibilities

3.1: BurtiNET will provide the services delivered by the customer upon order. With the acceptance message of the order, BurtiNET will accept that it has collected the relevant fee and undertake that it will provide the service specified in the order in question.

3.2: The payment method, including VAT, is stated by the total amount to be issued during the order and BurtiNET will be notified of the fees that the customer should pay according to their monthly or annual payment preferences.

3.3: After order acceptance and approval of transactions, BurtiNET will transmit the control panel, ftp, sql and e-mail user names and passwords related to the service in the customer order details to the customer and the service will be started. The responsibility of the relevant accounts and passwords is the responsibility of the customer, and the customer will be responsible for any damage or loss that may arise from these issues.

3.4: The customer undertakes to comply with the statements and warnings received by BurtiNET within the scope of the service he received. While using the hosting account, the customer declares, accepts and undertakes to comply with any warnings or notifications published by BurtiNET. The customer cannot distribute or sell the services provided to him free of charge and unlimitedly to third parties as paid or free and / or limited or unlimited.

3.5: Customer undertakes not to access files or programs that do not have access rights by using the software and programs it has within the service, not to create any problems due to such a problem, and to compensate for possible problems and problems. It accepts and undertakes to follow the processes such as domain renewal, extension, transfer and that it is in charge of all these processes.

3.6: The customer accepts and undertakes that he / she will meet and meet the taxes, duties and similar obligations that are in force during the use of the domain name, hosting or the services he / she receives or that will come into force during the contract.

3.7: It accepts that it is responsible for all the files, documents and programs, web site and e-mail services it will use and benefit from, and to take all legal and criminal responsibility that will know the nature of the contravention of the data, information and statements. undertakes. No defect can be conveyed to BurtiNET due to problems that may arise in this regard.

BurtiNET pages are not reviewed, verified, endorsed or assumed by the user in any way for pages made by them before they are submitted. BurtiNET may terminate user accounts for violating these outlines or for any other reason or because BurtiNET believes that it is harmful to itself or any of its users. BurtiNET has the right to delete the service without informing the customer since it learns the elephants and actions that violate the law.

3.8: BurtiNET cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from misuse of customer data, data content, and all data used by e-mail. Backup and storage obligations of this data belong to the customer. BurtiNET will regularly backup and maintain all of the customer's data. Despite this, BurtiNET is not responsible for any errors, damages and losses that may occur due to interruption or data loss that may occur in BurtiNET services. FTP, SQL, Log, Emaik etc. We do not back up sites with a total size of all services for 1 account exceeding 2GB! The backup of the data is the responsibility of the customer, unless stated otherwise in the text of the contract.

3.9: BurtiNET was ordered by the customer and the payment was smooth.

The registered domain name will carry out registration procedures. The owner of the domain name that is registered and paid by the registration request accepted by the order is the customer. BurtiNET will be able to operate on the domain name in line with the demands of the customer. The customer will make any changes, modifications and transfer requests on the domain name as soon as possible. The domain names registered by us (com, net, org, ...) The Directi Group and OnlineNIC are never transferred to their companies.

3.10: BurtiNET does not save the credit card information to be specified by the customer in all orders, to the virtual pos system it is using or to any database. It reserves the right to suspend the service in case of delay of payments and not to provide a replacement without payment.

3.11: BurtiNET will show the necessary care and importance to keep the backups of the customer organized, but due to the problems that may arise in this regard, the customer cannot be held responsible for the loss of data, the customer is obliged to record his own data regularly.

3.12: BurtiNET reserves the right to stop the expired domain name, hosting, or other services after the expiration of the period, to cancel the service completely. There is no obligation to keep any data records after the cancellation of the services that have expired or have not been paid.

3.13: BurtiNET, Sold services are Web Hosting, not File Hosting. Therefore, it is forbidden to host any kind of files (music, games, programs, movies, mp3, exe etc.) in FTP accounts except for Web Files and upload / download. These contents will be deleted, and accounts that do not comply with the contract will be suspended not to be reopened.

3.13.1: Image / video upload, download and viewing services and software cannot be hosted on BurtiNET servers. Visual pictures and videos uploaded by third parties are not under BurtiNET's responsibility. It is the responsibility of the service owner. Legally, BurtiNET is obliged to declare to the relevant authorities that the service owner is responsible for the copyrighted or obscene content that may occur in the relevant images.

3.14: BurtiNET puts a limit on timed tasks (cronjob) running on Servers. 1 account can run only 1 cron in 20 minutes. Accounts running excessive cronjob can be suspended without information, as it will create density.

3.15: Inode limit is set to 100.000 in BurtiNET, Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting accounts. Inode limit means file limit After 100,000 files, no other files can be uploaded.

3.16: BurtiNET does not offer mass mailing or spam mail delivery (spam e-mail) services. Such submissions cannot be made through the services it provides. In detecting such submissions, it blocks access to the entire service. If the shipment is repeated once more, the service is canceled and the payment is not refunded as a compensation for damages. Mailing service is not available among our services.

3.17: BurtiNET does not provide Mail Hosting services! Therefore, there is no guarantee of sending / receiving emails without any problems in our services. The courtesy of offering this service to our customers will be determined by the company's initiative and current conditions. Our company does not accept any material or moral responsibility that may arise due to the absence of an Email Sending / Receiving guarantee.

3.18: Authorized persons have the right to suspend and cancel the service in order to protect the Company and its individual in case of possible slang words, insults, threats and unrealistic charges in BurtiNET, Internet and IT Services or Employees in Sales, Support, Accounting Departments. Individual / institutional persons acting in these behaviors are excluded from the scope of the refund.

4. Duration

4.1: With the delivery of this contract order and payment transactions to BurtiNET through the internet environment, the specified rights and obligations of the parties begin.

4.2: The contract period is the payment period that the customer has chosen during the order for the relevant service.

4.3: If the parties did not warn that the contract will expire 10 business days before the contract expires, the contract will extend with the same terms and conditions and the previous contract period. (Changes about the fee are reserved.)

5. Fee

5.1: The amount to be paid in return for the services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the order process. VAT is calculated later by adding to the specified fees and the collection is made by showing it to the customer.

5.2: BurtiNET reserves the right to change prices and tariffs prospectively without prior notice. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes any changes that may occur in business regarding these changes.

5.3: If the fee is in foreign currency, it is paid by converting it to Turkish Lira at the selling rate of Yapı Kredi Bank on the invoice date.

5.4: Unless the fee is specified on the relevant product sales pages and there is no special contract with the customer, if there is a payment order by credit card during the order process from the date of invoice until the end of the 3rd business day, if there is no order to pay by credit card, contact the customer. It is obliged to pay to the bank account numbers specified in the address.

5.5: BurtiNET reserves the right to issue a currency difference invoice in case of a delay in payment.

5.6: BurtiNET reserves the right to turn off and turn on the relevant service until the customer has completed the payment process.

5.7: BurtiNET Prices for dollar-based products (hosting, server, ip address, license, ssl) are determined according to the daily dollar/TL rate.

6. Suspension

6.1: BurtiNET reserves the right to stop all of the services provided to the customer, e-mail, web, ftp accounts due to problems related to payment, provision problems with credit card payment or provisions and obligations.

6.2: During the continuation of this situation, e-mail, web, ftp access cannot be made on behalf of the customer, and e-mail accounts are blocked and incoming e-mails are rejected.

6.3: Daily high cpu / ram / mysql etc. unless the product and service used are stated otherwise on the site. Resource usage permission on the server is 35%. 45% Resource permit can be granted for instant use, but it is limited to 35% for continuous use. The product or service that exceeds this fair use permit is stopped (suspended) and the customer undertakes to resolve the problem within 24 hours. If the necessary arrangement is not made or the result is not reached, the service is stopped completely and no refund is made.

6.4: In the event that any user on BurtiNET servers does or does not want to prevent or slow down the service of other customers, it suspend (suspends) the user, that is, closes the user account and reserves the right to open the account again.

7. Termination

7.1: If the customer does not fulfill his responsibilities and commitments by violating any article of this contract or if it is determined that the information declared on the front of this contract is not correct, BurtiNET does not warn any warnings and notices for more than 7 days. has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without any need.

7.2: After the termination to be realized in this way, the customer; declares, accepts and undertakes to pay 5 times the amount of commercial penalty compensated for the equivalent contract price effective at the date of termination.

7.3: The customer has the right to terminate this contract at the end of its term, provided that it is written in writing 10 days before the contract expires, without giving any reason.

7.4: If the contract is terminated by the customer before the expiration of the contract, it declares, accepts and undertakes to pay 1/2 of the fees to be paid until the end of the contract, in advance and in advance.

8. Communication and Information Addresses

8.1: The parties have accepted, declared and committed the postal addresses specified in the order address as legal residence for any notification arising from the contract.

8.2: Any notification made to these addresses will be considered notified even if it is not received by the parties. Unless the changes of these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.

8.3: During the contract period, BurtiNET may send messages, information, letters, notices, payment notifications, statements of account, account statements to the e-mail address allocated to the customer. The customer cannot claim that such electronic messages have not been received or received, and declares, accepts and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to be legally notified 1 day after the date of sending.

9. Default in Paying Fees

9.1: The customer is deemed to be in default if he / she does not pay for the services he / she received within 7 days following the application date. In this case, BurtiNET may issue a currency difference invoice, or may request a monthly interest rate of 15% from the invoice date. The customer declares and agrees to pay this delay interest and exchange difference invoice.

9.2: If BurtiNET initiates litigation or enforcement proceedings for any receivables arising from this contract, the customer will receive a 15% monthly interest rate, a 50% penalty, 10% Attorney Fee and all other legal expenses. declare, accept and undertake the payment.

9.3: If the customer applies to the legal authorities for precautionary foreclosure and precautionary measures for the collection of receivables arising from this contract, BurtiNET is authorized to take an unsecured precautionary injunction and precautionary decision, but when the guarantee is requested by the courts, the commission that will arise from the letters of guarantee to be obtained from banks and any kind declares, accepts and undertakes that the fee will be paid by them and they will not object to these issues.

10. Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices

10.1: This contract consists of 10 articles and subheadings, however, it has been read and understood by the parties and signed. (It is considered to be realized by sending the order to BurtiNET on the internet). During the service order, technically no order can be placed without accepting the contract in the phrase "I have read, understood and accept the service contract". BurtiNET can add, remove or add new items and / or subtitles if needed.

can make changes. The customer declares and undertakes that he has accepted these changes in advance.

10.2: Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract. For damages that may arise by BurtiNET, the customer may issue a monthly fee for the amount paid for the service / product.