Legal Information

What Are Your Return Conditions?

Domain Name, cPanel License, DirectAdmin License, Plesk License, LiteSpeed ​​License, SSL, Private IP, Design, Software Service, WHMCS Software and WHMCS Module and WHMCS mentioned services, Campaign Services, Server (Dedicated Server) and Server Support Services (Dedicated - VPS - VDS) are not included in the refund. Only our Hosting and Reseller Hosting services have a 3-day return guarantee. Payment for your return requests, which are in compliance with the return conditions of BurtiNET Internet and IT Services, will be made within 1 week. Since SSL, IP, All Licenses and Domain name registrations are done automatically by Datacenter, Resellerclub, ICANN, there is no refund or exchange .

What Are Your Cancellation Conditions?

In order to cancel the services you have purchased, you need to login to your Customer Panel and select the package cancellation option from the My Services tab. No new invoices will be created for your account the following month.

What are the Installation Times (Delivery)?

In payments made with credit card, the installation is made automatically and your information regarding the service you receive instantly is sent to you by the system as an email. If you enter your Customer Panel and send the Payment Notice after the payments sent by bank transfer / eft, the installation is made within 8 hours at the latest.

What Are Your Warranty Conditions?

Warranty conditions and legal obligations are described in detail in the usage agreement. Click here to reach this page .

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