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BurtiNET can leave cookies on the computers of the site visitors, these cookies can only be read through the BurtiNET Internet and IT Services domains and are used only to compile statistical information about the site; it is in no way used to track visitor offsite activities or for other purposes.

It does not transmit important information such as the address, telephone, technical support e-mail address reported by the users of BurtiNET to third parties unless "Official Authorities" request.

BurtiNET may leave cookies on the computer used by member companies to log in to the system. The cookie and the information in it are used only to remember the member in the future and to present appropriate content.

The site undertakes that it will not give any information to its members to third parties unless there is an official request by the judicial authorities. Although the technical environments of the site are protected by various technological software, site security is limited to internet and computer security. However, no technological system is 100% secure.

We would like you to know that BurtiNET is trying to take the necessary measures to prevent or reduce the risks such as misuse or unauthorized access to your personal information and to publish informative in this direction.

In credit card payments, our system does not record card information in any way and directly transmits the information to the bank. For your security, SSL certificate is used on our payment page.

Security information on this page can be updated by BurtiNET Systems. Please check this information periodically.

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