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Comodo SSL Certification

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Comodo SSL


Comodo EV SSL


799.90 ₺/Yearly $ 27.81/Yearly 2499.99 ₺/Yearly $ 86.92/Yearly


Comodo SSL Comodo SSL

Authentication Type


Number Subdomains

1 Pieces 1 Pieces

Server Licenses

Unlimited Unlimited


$250,000 $1,750,000

Secure Connection

Yes Yes


30 Days 30 Days


128/256 bit 128/256 bit

Free Setup

Yes Yes


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SSL Certificate Features

Green Address Bar

Address bars of browsers only turns green with SSL certificates.

Mobile Compatibility

All SSL certificates are compatible with mobile device browsers.

What is Wildcard?

Standard SSL certificates are only for first level domains (domain .com), and certificates with Wildcard feature can be used for all subdomains (

Free Installation

We provide free installation service for all of the SSL certificates we offer on our site without exception.

Document Requirement

For some certificates, only the domain name is sufficient, while for others, various Such certificates are more advantageous than others.

Ascend on Google

Google search engine, web with SSL certificate in search results He announced that he would take his sites higher. Get ahead of your competitors by purchasing an SSL certificate.

Encrypt and Stay Secure

Encrypt the data flow on your website and prevent malicious people from obtaining important information such as credit card numbers and membership information

Frequently Asked Questions

SSL certificates are products that check the accuracy of the site addresses, and ensure the secure communication of data between two points (For example, web browser and web servers) through the encrypted channel. While SSL certificates protect data communication, they never secure the code you write or your website against problems such as hacking.

Turkey ' s all banks operating accepts the validity of certificates we sell.

Nowadays, SSL is almost mandatory for all websites, because widely used web browsers display sites that do not have an SSL certificate with the phrase Not secure, causing a suspicious approach to your site. The SSL Security certificate is encrypted and securely and users logging in to your site feel secure with the green lock icon.

The certificate will be automatically disabled when data is taken from any source within the websites protected by SSL Security Certificate. In order for the certificate to work safely, you have to edit your website with code that pulls data with http, cancel data extraction from the external source or update the http prefix as https.

We recommend Comodo SSL certificate for e-commerce companies. It works 100% compatible for e-commerce. You can use it on websites with online payment system.

If you accidentally delete your SSL certificate, just contact our technical support team. You can request your certificate at no extra charge.

Yes, security is an important metric for popular search engines like Google, because SSL protects websites data and actions. It gives “not secure” alerts for non-SSL websites. Using SSL, both move your website to the top and increase the level of security!

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