Abroad Virtual Server (VDS)

High Performance SSD Disk Virtual Servers With 24/7 Technical Support Guarantee

  • Core
  • Memory
    4 GB
  • Storage
    80 GB
  • Bandwidth
    3 TB
Order Summary

You can add or remove as many resources as you want according to your capacity needs.

Abroad Virtual Server (VDS)

Package Name CPU RAM Disk Traffic Location Monthly Price
VDS Eko 2 4 GB 80 GB SSD 3 TB

839.90 ₺ $ 29.20

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VDS Pro 4 8 GB 160 GB SSD 4 TB

1679.90 ₺ $ 58.41

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VDS Ultra 6 16 GB 320 GB SSD 5 TB

3359.90 ₺ $ 116.82

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VDS Elite 8 32 GB 640 GB SSD 6 TB

8399.90 ₺ $ 292.06

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Our Data centers Location

BurtiNET offers a close network service to its customers by hosting worldwide servers.

Virtual Server Advantages

Ticket Support

24/7 ticket support via e-mail thanks to our support system You can take

100% SSD Infrastructure

Your data is backed up regularly every week, preventing data loss (Optional)

Configurable Servers

Operating system of your cloud server, control panel, web server You can configure the features as you want.

Free Installation

All installation and custom configurations It is made free of charge to ensure high efficiency and performance.

Ready Server Templates

To your purchased cloud server Centos7, Debian7, Ubuntu 14, Any one of the Cloud Linux, Windows 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019 operating systems is installed and delivered with the most optimized settings.

Ultra Security

Thanks to the powerful Firewall and Anti DDoS protection on your hosted cloud server you can be protected from possible attacks on your web applications.

I Need More Features

Let's create our special packages for you! You only convey your needs to us, we create the most suitable package for you and provide Accommodation Service according to your needs! Become a BurtiNET member now and see the privileged hosting world!

We are here if support is required!

telephone with Turkey's most experienced support specialists, we offer 3 different ticket and live support channel support, such as from 7/24. We offer you support service with an average response time of 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order from 19 different locations. Stockholm - Sweden, London - United Kingdom, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Frankfurt - Germany, Paris - France, Los Angeles - United States, Atlanta - United States, Chicago - United States, Dallas - United States, Mexico City - Mexico, Miami - United States, New York (NJ) - United States, Seattle - United States, Silicon Valley - United States, Toronto - Canada, Tokyo - Japan, Seoul - South Korea, Singapore - Singapore, Sydney - Australia

It is the server system obtained with the resources assigned virtually. This method is more performance and safe than other virtualization technologies. Resources such as ram, CPU and disk assigned from the main server will belong to you until their limits. The resource assigned to one user leaves the system and is not shared with another user.

Hosting services allow you to use the space reserved for you on a server according to the criteria determined by the system administrator. Its powers and working space are limited. In VDS server services, you have a server and you can determine the entire configuration as you wish. This gives you flexibility in your software needs. You can also use much higher system resources only yours than hosting services.

Your VDS server order is approved after your payment. After the order is approved, your server is ready to use within 24 hours according to the technical unit's availability. Options such as operating system and control panel you specify during the order are applied.

You can think of VDS servers as a computer that is configured according to your needs and wishes and is constantly connected to the internet. The most important difference of these computers is that they work in a virtual environment. In terms of management, it is no different than using a computer in your home or office. Operating systems and applications running on it are configured to be suitable for remote management.

Current version Microsoft Windows and the common Linux distribution Centos operating system is preferred as standard. If you need a different version of Windows versions or Linux distributions, just let us know this before installation.

Yes, if you request, you can choose our paid technical support packages that are suitable for your needs.

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