Reseller Hosting

With Reseller hosting, you can provide hosting services as much as the defined area and you can host more than one website in your web area.

  • Super Fast, Secure & Always Up

  • Zero-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

  • Technical Support in Any Problems

  • Free SSL Certificate


Best Reseller Hosting Packages for You

Work with Full Performance with Full SSD Reseller Hosting Infrastructure

Free Transport

Ideal SSD reseller hosting service to start your own hosting business

Package Name Webspace Traffic Domain Hosting Control Board Monthly Price Yearly Price

DirectAdmin Unlimited

100 GB Unlimited Unlimited DirectAdmin

159.90 ₺ $ 5.21 186.55 ₺ 15% Discount $ 6.08 15% Discount

1799.90 ₺ $ 52.15 2,099.88 ₺ 15% Discount $ 60.84 15% Discount

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cPanel 5

20 GB Unlimited 5 Pieces cPanel / WHM

99.99 ₺ $ 3.39

959.99 ₺ $ 33.38

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cPanel 10

40 GB Unlimited 10 Pieces cPanel / WHM

164.99 ₺ $ 5.73

1679.99 ₺ $ 58.41

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cPanel 15

60 GB Unlimited 15 Pieces cPanel / WHM

249.99 ₺ $ 8.60

2534.99 ₺ $ 88.14

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cPanel 20

80 GB Unlimited 20 Pieces cPanel / WHM

329.99 ₺ $ 11.48 384.99 ₺ 15% Discount $ 13.39 15% Discount

3554.99 ₺ $ 123.60 4,147.49 ₺ 15% Discount $ 144.20 15% Discount

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cPanel 25

100 GB Unlimited 25 Pieces cPanel / WHM

374.99 ₺ $ 13.04

4274.99 ₺ $ 148.63

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cPanel 30

120 GB Unlimited 30 Pieces cPanel / WHM

444.39 ₺ $ 15.38

4994.99 ₺ $ 173.67

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cPanel 40

140 GB Unlimited 40 Pieces cPanel / WHM

574.99 ₺ $ 20.07

6654.99 ₺ $ 231.30

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cPanel 50

160 GB Unlimited 50 Pieces cPanel / WHM

744.99 ₺ $ 25.82 CAMPAIGN

7344.99 ₺ $ 255.30 CAMPAIGN

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cPanel 60

180 GB Unlimited 60 Pieces cPanel / WHM

854.99 ₺ $ 29.73

9719.99 ₺ $ 337.97

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cPanel 80

190 GB Unlimited 80 Pieces cPanel / WHM

1139.99 ₺ $ 39.63

13479.99 ₺ $ 468.60

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cPanel 100

200 GB Unlimited 100 Pieces cPanel / WHM

1404.99 ₺ $ 48.77

16254.99 ₺ $ 565.10

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Common Features

  • UNLIMITED E-mail Account
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Database
  • UNLIMITED Subdomain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • CPanel
  • CloudLinux (110K inode)
  • LSCache - CageFS
  • SSD Disks
  • Ready Scripts
  • 24/7 Support
  • Site Migration
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Weekly Backup
  • Refund Guarantee
  • Free Setup

BurtiNET Reseller Hosting Advantages

Meet uninterrupted and high performance websites!

100% SSD Infrastructure

Your websites run much faster with 100% SSD infrastructure. You can increase your customer satisfaction by keeping site opening times to a minimum.

Litespeed Cache

Litespeed Cache, which offers up to 10 times higher performance than Apache web server, is available in all our packages.

Easy Customer Management

With the easy dealer management panel, you can easily open and manage your customers hosting accounts.

Full Control

Thanks to the full control in all reseller hosting packages, you can allocate your customers resources such as disk space, traffic and e-mail as you wish.

Free SSL

Let' s Encrypt! You can install free ssl to your customers websites completely free of charge,

Unlimited Resources

You can use unlimited resources such as domain, mySQL, msSQL, e-mail and subdomain according to the reseller hosting package you purchased.


All servers hosted by BurtiNET are monitored 24/7 and problems are intervened in the fastest way. For this reason, we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Due to our SSD and E5 server policy, we always provide the best performance and uninterrupted network service.

Network Infrastructure

With 1 gBit netwok speed, you can access your website in milliseconds only.

Weekly Backup

All hosting services are backed up on external servers at 12pm every weekend.

High Capacity Servers

We always provide both speed + performance and data security by using SSD Disk and RAID 1 + 0.

MultiPHP Manager

With the MultiPHP Manager you can determine the PHP version of your software yourself and include the modules yourself!

Wordpress Support.

We provide 400% more speed guarantee in Wordpress hosting services!


We provide isolated hosting service with CageFS service. A directory of your own and your storage!

Configserver Exploit Scanner

CXS protects you against viruses and automatically deletes malware by scanning exploits every week.

7/24 Service Technical Support

You can access BurtiNET by phone, e-mail and ticket 24/7. We have an expert team that you can always get support for.

Expert Team

BurtiNET is a software company and our expert teammates will take care of you for any problem related to your software!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a high performance hosting service that can host more than one website that is specifically defined for webmasters and corporate web design agencies. Also called reseller hosting.

Absolutely! If you intend to contact us from another company, we carry your websites for free.

You can create your own name servers on your domain provider using your service's IP address at the bottom by clicking on your service from your customer panel.

Your NS addresses have been sent to your e-mail address with your service. You can also see your service's NS address and IP address at the bottom by clicking on your service from your customer panel.

Yes, all hosting accounts have their own inode limits. Every hosting account you create from the Reseller account has a limit of 110,000 inodes.

You can package your server resources, CPU, RAM, storage space and bandwidth with the options you want and sell them to your own customers.

You can gather more than one hosting service in Reseller packages under a single package. You can also have multiple sub-customer accounts where you will create the resources you have, and you can provide panel access to users.

You can create your own name servers on your domain provider using the IP addresses we give you.

You can allocate panel information for each of your customers by creating a customer account where they can manage their websites.

Yes, in Reseller Linux hosting services, you can install more than 300 content management systems, especially Wordpress, which is indispensable for the web world, with a single click. For the list of all the applications we support with a single click installation;

Litespeed support is offered in Reseller Linux hosting services, which offers up to 10 times higher performance than Apache web server.

As BurtiNET, we offer free SSL Support for all hosting services you will receive.

We can move your site that you hosted in a different place to your hosting package free of charge.

Thanks BurtiNET