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You can choose the best Opencart hosting package suitable for your website by examining our hosting packages that are 100% compatible with Opencart.

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Opencart Web Hosting

Small eCommerce Opencart

349.90 ₺ Yearly
$ 12.17 Yearly
  • Webspace: 4 GB
  • Traffic: 75 GB
  • E-Mail: 5
  • Subdomain: 2
  • Database: 2
  • FTP Account: 1
  • INODE Limit: 120.000
  • LiteSpeed LSCache
  • Monthly Backup
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Enterprise eCommerce Opencart

499.90 ₺ Yearly
$ 17.38 Yearly
  • Webspace: 8 GB
  • Traffic: 120 GB
  • E-Mail: 10
  • Subdomain: 5
  • Database: 5
  • FTP Account: 2
  • INODE Limit: 160.000
  • LiteSpeed LSCache
  • Monthly Backup
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Expert eCommerce Opencart

799.90 ₺ Yearly
$ 27.81 Yearly
  • Webspace: 16 GB
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • E-Mail: Unlimited
  • Subdomain: Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
  • FTP Account: Unlimited
  • INODE Limit: 200.000
  • LiteSpeed LSCache
  • Monthly Backup
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Opencart Hosting Advantages

Superior LiteSpeed ​​Technology

For servers with high resource consumption or high visitor traffic offers high performance.

Up to 10 Times Faster with LSCACHE

10 caches directly at the web server level offers up to faster websites

High CPU & Ram Source

High CPU & Opencart needs RAM is available in Opencart hosting packages.

Advanced Caching

You will reach maximum speed with Opencart Hosting packages with advanced caching technology

Free CDN Support

Your data is stored in 165 different locations and your visitors can it provides the highest speed.

100% SSD Platform

Opencart sites hosted on SSD disk supported servers are much faster and works with performance.

I Need More Features

Let's create our special packages for you! You only convey your needs to us, we create the most suitable package for you and provide Accommodation Service according to your needs! Become a BurtiNET member now and see the privileged hosting world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting packages with Linux infrastructure where you can host your Opencart sites with PHP based content management system. It ensures that the sites you want to host are hosted on the servers where the resource utilization values ​​are optimized for all needs in the Opencart infrastructure.

Opencart content management system is delivered to you with your purchase. All you have to do is manage your site.

Mail service offered with hosting services is also valid for Opencart hosting packages.

Inode limit refers to the maximum number of files on your hosting account. In other words, the number of files (email, picture, software codes, etc.) you host on your website cannot exceed the inode limit.

Free SSL certificate is available in our packages. With the plugins you can learn from our technical team, you can automatically integrate your SSL certificate on your site.

LSCache Plugin is a cache plugin developed specifically for Opencart in accordance with the Litespeed web server. It provides your visitors to navigate your site much faster with superior caching methods. It improves the user experience by shortening the loading time of visual files.